Living Your Chosen Eulogy

Living Your Chosen Eulogy

Living Your Chosen Eulogy

Living Your Chosen Eulogy

Living Your Chosen Eulogy


Our vision is to help people make a difference in this world. Through our communication, patience and psychology skills, we will mentor and aide students, parents, and those in the workforce to uphold their true purpose in life by emanating their authentic values, giving from the heart and living with intention.

Author Kian DwyerKIAN K. DWYER founded the World Help Organization along with Key On Giving and Key on Action services which reintroduces kindness and promotes active giving. Ms. Dwyer holds a BA in Speech and Communications with a minor in Psychology from Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota. She volunteers and does fundraising for private schools. She is an active participant and contributor for classes and workshops in development training for special needs kids.

Ms. Dwyer was one of five children allowed to leave the country after being adopted at age seven. Her journey in Iran and the United States has been published in the book, Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy. Website link Ms. Dwyer is on the Advisory Board of the 501(c)(3) non-profit 2Build 4Ward International Organization.

Kian is also the author of the book:

Live Today How You Want To Be Remembered


Kian Dwyer is honored to be on the Advisory Board for the 501(c)(3) 2Build 4Ward International Organization (2X4 International) which is dedicated to building a better community by partnering with donors, community-based projects and disadvantaged groups to support projects in education, health, infrastructure and small business development. Operating out of Sacramento, California (USA), 2x4 International is a Nonprofit California Public Benefit Corporation for charitable purposes and is not organized for the private gain of any person.

Current projects include:
- Building an orphanage on 1 acre of land in Tuxpan, Mexico.
- Guiding Light Foundation, an NGO (non-governmental organization) providing support to over a hundred children, inclusive of their parents and teachers, from two adopted schools, Berean and Kencot Basic located in Kingston, Jamaica.
Future projects in Africa and Asia to be announced at a future date.
Website/Blog link:

Dr. KRISTEN BROWN Dr. Kristen Brown is an Education Evaluation and Research Consultant for the California Department of Education. Her background includes work, research and travel in Asia, Caribbean, the United States and West Africa. Previously, Dr. Brown worked as an Academic Director for the Arts Institute International in the United States, as a Business Advisor for the U.S. Peace Corps in Jamaica, a Group Leader for Operation Crossroads Africa in West Africa and as a Foreign Advisor for Gram Educational Institute in Taiwan. Her research has focused on designing appropriate government and nongovernmental training on a global front, economic adjustment and policy development in developing countries, uncovering the disguised effects of structural adjustment, and integrating skill training and rural policy development for informal economic sectors.

Dr. Brown has two decades of instruction and curriculum design. She has written and secured international grants for under-represented groups in developing countries. She has also evaluated Fulbright, Upward Bound and International Research grants for the U.S Department of Education. Her background includes planning, developing, directing, evaluating and conducting institutional research, institutional strategic planning and management. She earned a PhD from the University of Southern California in International/Intercultural Education Administration, Planning and Policy. Dr. Brown is on the Board of Directors and CEO of the 501(c)(3) non-profit 2Build 4Ward International Organization.

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